For over 10 years we have been working with multiple building designers on the Central Coast and are excited to continue to grow and excel in our careers by providing you designs of dreams.
Below are our projects which we will update as they progress…

Alterations & Additions

A first floor addition and alteration to a family home. The client brief was they needed a private space to escape their growing teenage kids. The home has great views across Tuggerah Lake which of course the clients wanted to maximize. Also another specific request was for an open plan layout.


Plans and photos are shown….


New Homes

I met this lovely family when I was asked my opinion about some land, that had a fire damaged house on it, which was available for auction. The site had amazing views but was very steep. I had pointed out all the difficulties which I believed would pose to be a problem with constructing a new home, but their minds were already made up and the property was purchased a few weeks later.

The owners and design ideas were impressive, and after a few discussions we had a concept. As the design progress, DCP’s, LEP’s and site constraints led to many changes over the following few months.

With many months of discussions and changes, meetings and emails and lots of compromising, we finally submitted CDC plans to a private certifier. the final result has evolved so much from the original design. 


Plans and photos are shown…

Hair Salon

Another project of ours was a garage conversion to a home hair dressing salon.

The clients brief was very involved with many Health and safety regulations which needed to be considered in this design. Also functional work space was a top priority.

The space wasn’t large so smart designing was necessary for a functional workspace that fits all the needs for a salon. 

Once the dividing wall was constructed the space looked really small. the owner was nervous about fitting all the furniture she had purchased for the new salon.

As you can see, the  finished result looks amazing. Another successful design project all completed.

Plans and photos are shown…